Best Wine Regions in the World

Wine is an incredibly diverse drink. Wine is made from various regions all over the world. A great indicator of the environmental health of an area is whether you can get great local wines. Areas ranging from Canada and South Africa all the way over to Greece. Wine is truly food that unites the people across geographic boarders and political landscapes. I have been looking into the various wine growing regions for many years now and have come to the conclusion that the following list is the best list:

  1. South Africa. South Africa is a completely diverse area of the world with a rich history full of turmoil. Historically the area has been hit with colonial colonizers that have left a lasting impact that has permanently changed the landscape of the area. Geographically the area is beautiful. Sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, the South African countryside is breathtaking.
  2. Western Australia. Western Australia is a land known for its rugged beauty. Angry oceans bordered by incredibly vast interior areas of the country- Western AUS is known for its aggression. Great foods and wines are what make the are truly special, along with the temporal weather and plentiful fish stocks.
  3. Canada. Most people think of Canada as an incredibly cold, stark, friendly place. Canada is known for its wine production mostly in the southwestern part of Ontario and Vancouver Island. These two areas are known as micro-climates due to their subtle weather variations. Peele island in Canada is the most southern part of the country and is known for the slightly warmer and more humid nature of the area. As well, there are some the best dual temperature red wine fridge companies in this area.

In short, wine is an amazing drink because of how people bond over it. Much like coffee, tea, or if you are Canadian beer, wine brings the sense of community out of people. Sharing a bottle over a romantic dinner or with some friends at a beach- it doesn’t matter what you need, wine can make it better, especially with a red wine fridge with dual zone.

I have been drinking and collecting wine for ages now and I can easily say that Peele island has some of the nicest and best wines around.

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