Selecting Wines: Three Things To Look For

Are you someone who enjoys a nice glass of wine? If so, wine can offer so many great benefits. Although there are plenty of wines to choose from, it’s important to know what to look for when selecting one.

Here are some tips for choosing a great wine:

Type: when it comes to wine, you want to find a wine that compliments the food you’re eating. For example, there are wines for relaxing, wines that go with certain desserts and even wines for different appetizers.Never heard of this before? Get up Continue reading

How To Build A Great Wine Rack

There are some stylish and cool wine racks you can build to match your home decor and personality. Check out these fun and easy wine rack designs that you can make yourself.

Crate Wine Rack

Cut several pieces of PVC pipe to fit the depth of your crate. Paint the pipe pieces in a color that matches your home decor. Place the crate on a shelve with the bottom facing out. Arrange the pipes inside the crate. Once you decide on your design, glue the pipes together. Put your wine bottles inside the pipes. Display your special Continue reading

How To Properly Let Wine Breathe

Allowing your wine to breathe before you sip it allows you to fully enjoy all its potential flavors and complexity. Exposing the wine to air oxidizes the astringent tannins that can cause the wine to have a coarse, dry mouthfeel. It enhances the wine’s aroma and lends a softer, mellow note to its overall flavor and character.

Red wines are typically the ones that improve the most from breathing prior to being served. Most decent red wines benefit from breathing after about 15 to 20 minutes. Some young wines with high levels of tannin may need more Continue reading

The Best Unusual Pairings for Red Wine

More and more these days we’re hearing about the health benefits of food and drinks previously touted as off limits. Insurance companies working on wellness initiatives provide some ideas for altering our diet, saving on premiums and adding years to our lifespan. Some in the health industry suggest a glass of red wine a night. Many are familiar with the red wine and tomato-based pasta rules, but for most of us, Italian foods aren’t on the menu every night of the week. What other options are there for working in your red wine dose daily?

Red Meat, Red Wine, Feel Fine

Though you’re red meat may not be bathed in tomato sauce and garlic, there’s no need to throw the old rule out the window. Try a spicy Shiraz with a filet or ribeye to really let the flavors of the meat and wine shine. Dining on grilled burgers? A Pinot Noir fits nicely without taking away from the smokiness of the beef. Or, try ribs with a deep Merlot to pull out the spicy notes and balance the acidity.

Just Desserts

No reason to stick with the sweet-on-sweet combo of the final course and sparkling or specific dessert wines. Try balancing the sweetness of a creme brulee or flan with a rich Cabernet. Chocolate pairs beautifully as well with practically any vino rouge, letting the spicier coffee notes shine through. Plus, the antioxidants in the chocolate plus wine create a delicious cocktail of health.

Snack Attack

Don’t save your red wine indulgence solely for meals. A red table wine with a bit of sweetness can pair perfectly with a snack of peanut butter and crackers. Sound odd? You wouldn’t say the same of grapes in the old childhood sandwich standby. Just think of it as PB&J, all grown up.

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15 Great Wines That Are Reasonably Priced

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Wine And Cheese: The Best Mix?

When sipping on an elegant wine or even an inexpensive bottle, you want to get your money’s worth by truly enjoying and savoring the experience. One great way to enjoy your favorite wine is by pairing it with a good quality cheese. Although many wine enthusiasts have their own preferences when it comes to wine and cheese pairings, there are a few basic rules when choosing the perfect cheese to go with your wine. Light, sweet wines, particularly whites, go Continue reading

Storing Wine: Tips You Should Know

Whether you’re a die-hard connoisseur of fine wine, or just the weekend fan starting a small collection, it’s best to know up front how to deal with your hobby. Wine is delicate, and needs to be treated with respect for you to get the ultimate enjoyment from it.

First things first, know that wine needs to be stored at an optimal temperature of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit in a cool, dark environment. Wine can be light sensitive, and when not corked Continue reading

Wine And Chocolate: Should You Mix?


Many people consume wine as a social and enjoyable drink. Wines generally develop their characters and flavors from specific grapes. If you are interested in learning about different wines, you can attend a wine tasting to sample several products.

Different Kinds of Wines

You can find a variety of wines such as White, Red, Rose, Sparkling, Dessert and Fortified. Wines are referred to the variety of grape that was produce. Some wines are blended with different grapes.

Wine and Chocolates

You can pair wine with chocolates. Matching a Continue reading

The Simple Basics Of Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is an enjoyable experience that affects all the senses. In a home setting, it can be a casual affair that gives friends and guests a chance to explore the genuine complexities of different selections. Basic accessories will include stemware setups for reds and whites. Water carafes and glasses provide a clearing of the palate with in-between sips. Amenities can include light to heavy appetizers that complement without overpowering. Pads and pens for notes will let each taster capture the essential flavors Continue reading

White Wine: The Health Perks You Didn’t Know

White wine has been known to have a profound impact on human ageing. The wine contains properties that help increase an individual’s lifespan if consumed moderately over a period of time. Studies have revealed that white wine is able to improve cholesterol, decrease the risk of stroke, heart disease and cancer.

One of the primary benefits of white wine is the ability to improve heart health. The anticoagulant contained within the wine can help thin the blood and prevent clotting of the arteries. The wine also reduces LDL Continue reading